Review Index by Author

A ~

Alexander, Johnnie — Where Treasure Hides
Allen, Anne R. — So Much for Buckingham
Allison, Destiny — The Romance Diet
Anzaldua, Theresa 
— We Had a Job to Do
Atkinson, Kate
— One Good Turn (Jackson Brodie #2)
Atwood, Frederick — The Prizefighter and the Lady

B ~

Basham, Pepper — A Twist of Faith
Belfrage, Anna — In the Shadow of the Storm
Benjamin, Melanie Alice I Have Been  
Benson, Robert
— Dancing on the Head of a Pen
Bergren, Lisa T. — Glamorous Illusions (Grand Tour 1)
Beverly-Whittemore, Miranda — June: A Novel
Bock, Charles — Alice & Oliver
Boley, Carol — See Lipp, Kathy
Borgerynd, Anna — Integrity
Brouwer, Sigmund — The Canary List
Brunette, Lisa — Framed and Burning (Dreamslippers Book 2)
Burkhart, Eric — Mukhabarat, Baby!

C ~

Cambron, Kristy — The Butterfly and the Violin
Christie, Sally — The Sisters of Versailles
Clark, C. Hope — Murder on Edisto (Island Mysteries Series)
Clark, C. Hope — Palmetto Poison
Conlon-McKenna, Marita — The Rebel Sisters
Coonts, Deborah — Crushed
Cote, Lyn — Blessing

D ~

Diffenbaugh, Valerie — We Never Asked for Wings
Douglas, Elyse — The Summer Diary
Dray, Stephanie  — America’s First Daughter
Dunn, Ken — The Greatest Prospector in the World

E ~

Eickhoff, Diane — Clarina Nichols: Frontier Crusader for Women’s Rights
Enright, John — New Jerusalem News
Evelina, Nicole — Daughter of Destiny: Guinevere’s Tale (Book #1)

F ~

Feldman, Ellen — Terrible Virtue
Feniger, Mani
 — The Woman in the Photograph
Fishman, Stephanie Pitcher — Finding Eliza
Fishman, Stephanie Pitcher — The Widow Teal, Episode 1 (Serialized Novel)

G ~ 

Genova, Lisa — Still Alice
Genova, Lisa — Inside the O’Briens
Getze, Jack — Big Shoes
Goel, Sima — Fleeing the Hijab
Gottlieb, Amy — The Beautiful Possible
Green, John 
— The Fault in Our Stars

H ~

Harrington, Corran — Follow the River Home
Hawkins, Paula — The Girl on the Train
Hayes, Alice — The Thread That Binds
Hyde, Catherine Ryan — Leaving Blythe River

I ~

J ~

Johnson, Sarah M. Life is Beautiful

K ~

Kamoie, Laura  — America’s First Daughter
Kelly, Martha Hall — The Lilac Girls
Kerman, Piper — Orange Is the New Black
Kirkpatrick, Jane — The Memory Weaver

L ~

Laskas, Jeanne Marie — Concussion
Leavitt, Caroline — Is This Tomorrow?
LeDuc, Nora — The Devil Wore Sneakers
Levy, Michael S. — Celebrity and Entertainment Obsession
Lipp, Kathi & Carol Boley — But I’m Not a Wicked Stepmother!

M ~

Mahurin, Pauline The Persecution of Mildred Dunlap
Mayfield, Kate
— The Undertaker’s Daughter: A Memoir
Mays, Frances — Under Magnolia: A Southern Memoir
McCoy, Sarah — The Mapmaker’s Children
McLain, Paula — Circling the Sun
Mead, Rebecca — My Life in Middlemarch
Morton, Kate — The Lake House
Murphy, Cecil
— See Rosenblatt, Katariina

N ~

Nedry, Judy — The Difficult Sister
Ng, Celeste — Everything I Never Told You

O ~

Orchard, Sandra — Desperate Measures

P ~

Parmar, Priya — Vanessa and Her Sister
Pershey, Katherine Willis — Any Day a Beautiful Change

Q ~

R ~

Reay, Katherine — The Bronte Plot
Reay, Katherine — Lizzy and Jane
Richman, Len — Shivers & Signposts
Rosen, Renee — White Collar Girl
Rosenblatt, Katariina and Cecil Murphey — Stolen
Ruiz, Ronald — Jesusita

S ~

Saville, Laurel North of Here
Schoellkopf, Nancy — Yellow-billed Magpie
Schroff, Laura and Alex Tresniowski An Invisible Thread
Schuyler, Nina The Translator
Scottoline, Lisa — Look Again
Seaborg, Kristin, MD
 Shapiro, Dani — Family History
Shapiro, Dani — Slow Motion
Sharratt, Mary — The Dark Lady’s Mask
Simmons, D. Bryant — How to Knock a Brave Bird from Her Perch
Smith, Charlie — Ginny Gall
Smith, Katy Simpson — Free Men
Stowe, Tanya — Santa Fe Sunrise
Strayed, Cheryl — Tiny Beautiful Things: Advice on Life and Life from Dear Sugar
Swyers, Tom — Saving Babe Ruth

T ~

Tippetts, Kara — The Hardest Peace
Tyler, Anne — A Spool of Blue Thread

U ~

V ~

Verghese, Abraham — Cutting for Stone
Vreeland, Susan 
— Lisette’s List

W ~

Ward, Amanda Eyre — The Same Sky
Weidener, Susan G. — A Portrait of Love and Honor
Whitehouse, Lucie — Keep You Close

Winspear, Jacqueline Maisie Dobbs Series #1
Winspear, Jacqueline — Birds of a Feather
Winspear, Jacqueline — Pardonable Lies (Maisie Dobbs #3)
Winspear, Jacqueline — The Care and Management of Lies
Wood, Monica — When We Were the Kennedys: A Memoir
Wright, Kim — The Canterbury Sisters

X ~

Y ~

Yellin, Linda What Nora Knew

Z ~